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Custom Hydra-Lift Drum Carrier at Holy Cross AbbeyMarch 2018

Drum Handlers Built to Last!

Going strong after 20 years, the monks at Holy Cross Abbey use this drum carrier to pour cake batter.

Watch how they saved their abbey through sustainable lives and land use...


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Biodiesel in Winter

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Old barrel Lifters Jan. 2018

Still Using Outdated Drum Lifters?

These old pulley and rope barrel lifters are on display at historic Fort Niagara, the gateway to the West from Lake Ontario.

Read more about the fort and modern Morse drum lifters...

You Are The Brand April 2017

The Value of MHEDA Membership

We are always glad to gather with People Like Us who are invested to produce and promote the best Material Handling products available. We value the face-to-face connections with professionals from far and wide. Building invaluable partnerships through MHEDA is a great support to our business. We highly recommend MHEDA Membership to any manufacturer or distributor of material handling goods in North America...

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Morse Family Business AwardDec. 2016

Morse Receives Family Business Award

On Dec. 1st Nate Andrews, President of Morse Mfg., was presented with an award for International Development from Central New York Business Journal. He made a point of recognizing the invaluable contributions of Morse employees as our "greatest asset". . .
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April 2015

Morse Meets with Many Dealers at ProMat 2015 in Chicago

Morse ProMat BoothProMat 2015 was the busiest trade show Morse has ever experienced! We were stretched to engage with all the people visiting our booth. . .
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Mixing Safety with Efficiency - MHEDA Journal, Q4 2014

Drum Roller in Enclosure with Safety Interlock IBM Lexmark needed large drums and drum handling equipment to mix the toner chemicals that go into its printer ink cartridges. The company is very safety conscious and was looking for the most efficient and safest solution possible for their mixing needs. . .
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Drum Handlers at Trade Show in Bogota, ColombiaOct. 2014

Ergonomic Drum Handlers Featured at Trade Show in Bogota, Colombia

A very successful trade show with many people interested in ergonomic drum handling solutions. . . Read On >

Sept. 2014

Nathan Andrews:
Know yourself, understand what makes you happy, hold to your moral compass

Morse receives award as 2014 "Business of the Year" from CenterState CEO

Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc. president, Nate Andrews' interview with Syracuse media focuses on leadership. "You have to know where your moral compass lies... so you can stand hard on whatever principles you need to, because at some point you're going to have to. . ."
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Sept. 2014

Senator Schumer: Jobs available, but CNY needs training

Morse in the News"It is challenging to find people with some manufacturing skills..." Nathan Andrews says. To teach these skills, OCC, wants to install hands-on equipment, and teach the needed skills. . . Read On >

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April 2014

Morse Announced as "Business of the Year"

Morse receives award as 2014 "Business of the Year" from CenterState CEOAt its annual meeting, CenterState CEO announced Morse Manufacturing as its "Business of the Year" award recipient for companies of less than 50 employees.
Morse president, Nate Andrews, points out that less than 2% of Morse sales volume is within New York State. . . Read On! >

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Barrel MonsterAugust 2013

Artist arrested for building "Barrel Monster"

Read what happened to it's creator


Barrel Handling Safety. . .

. . .Don't wait till someone gets hurt!

May 2013

Using the Correct Hydraulic Oil

The oil is the most important component of any hydraulic system. Not only is hydraulic oil a lubricant, it's also the means by which power is transferred. This dual role makes viscosity an oil's most important property. It affects both machine performance and service life. The viscosity of the oil largely determines a hydraulic system's safe maximum and minimum oil temperatures . . . read more

March 2013

A Customer Sent us this picture, and asked,
"How Do I Handle All These Drums?"
Handle various drum with a single drum handler
He explained, "I need better control over the pouring operation. I already own a Battery Powered Drum Carrier Pouring Forklift Attachment, but it does not give me the control I need." He is happy with his 4-Wheel Drum Truck, so further explained, "I like the rim chine hook like you have on your Model 160-SS," except he wants it, "mounted on the Forklift Attachment. . . so the drums would not slip off the Forklift Drum Tipper when pouring the contents of the drums."

. . . read about the solution

June 30, 2012

To stay and thrive in CNY, Morse Manufacturing adapts to the times
By Charles McChesney,

Workers at Morse Manufacturing cheered in 2007 when they learned Nathan Andrews had been appointed vice president.

"I didn’t expect that," Andrews said on a summer afternoon five years later. President as of Jan. 1, he recognized that the reaction came from the relief that workers felt that his family was staying with the company. . . The company has been run by three generations of the Andrews family.

. . . read on, to see how Morse is still manufacturing in New York State.

MORcinch Options to handle a plastic drum, fiber drum, or a smaller drumJune 2011

Drum Handling Safety

  • Factors to consider BEFORE moving a drum
  • Avoid injuries and damage
  • Prevent spills, waste and contamination
  • OSHA requirements
  • These and more drum handling safety tips

Identify the Hazards. . .  Address the Issues. . .
Read On! >

Nov 2010

How to Get the Right Drum Lifter for Your Drum

There is a below-hook lifter for almost any drum. The key is using the correct one. No one wants to drop a drum, with the associated damage, lost or contaminated product, environmental impact, and possible injuries.

Here's a basic guide. . . read more

March 2007 at

All Business is International Business

East Syracuse's Morse Manufacturing Seeks Customers Worldwide.
By Charley Hannagan

How do you know your product is a hit in the international marketplace? When a request for information written in Icelandic lands in your company's e-mail inbox.

The Icelandic message arrived at Morse Manufacturing Co., a 36-employee company in East Syracuse that makes drum handling equipment.

Some small companies hit the delete button when they receive those kinds of international e-mails, said Robert I Trachtenberg, president of the Central New York Technology Development Organization. Smart companies, however, see them as an opportunity to sell into the international market. . . read more

Jan. 2006

Emerging Biodiesel market "fueled" increased gas prices, creating a HUGE demand for Drum Heaters!!

More and more people are making biodiesel at home in small batches. Biodiesel production from used vegetable oil involves removing water by heating to at least 120o C (248o F). . .

It has many advantages, but biodiesel can gel at winter temperatures causing plugged fuel filters. . . read more

Nov. 2005

Drum Handlers Jump off the Page! (Drum Handler Videos)

Are you that person who wants to kick the tires and take it for a test drive before you buy? ...What if you cant?. . . Video is the next best thing

 Nov. 2005

NEW Drum and Pail Heaters - Flexible Heaters for plastic, fiber or steel drums and pails

Drum heaters for almost any steel, plastic or fiber drum. . . even for 5-gallon pails. . . more

Oct. 2005

Label Forklifts for Attachments before you're on a first name basis with a Compliance Officer.

The same forklift must be rated for different capacities depending upon mast height and type of attachment. Extending weight out on the forks can decrease load stability.

We recently met an OSHA Compliance Officer who asked how we handle labeling lift trucks for drum handling attachments...

Oct 2005

Fight Freight Rates - Are truck lines driving you round the bend? A couple of suggestions. . .

Very favorable freight discounts are available to us in the competitive local environment. Following some simple procedures can help dramatically.

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