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During World War II. Morse helped substantially with the war effort, producing safe, labor-saving drum handling equipment for manufacturers engaged in making war materials and for members of the armed forces.

In 1948 Ralph Andrews was named president, succeeding the retiring founder, and in 1953 he secured land in East Syracuse, New York to build a new plant and accommodate future growth.


Bob Andrews, Chairman of the Board

In 1969 Robert Andrews joined the firm, representing the second generation of leadership, and served president from 1980 to 2012. Today he is chairman of the Board.

Nate Andrews, President

Nathan Andrews joined the company in 2002, and today leads the company as president, while Morse continues its tradition of innovation, constantly introducing new products and expanding its existing lines in domestic and foreign markets.


Throughout its history, Morse Mfg. has continually enhanced its office and production facilities to keep pace with new technologies and growing demand for its products. Concurrent with its golden anniversary in 1973, the company constructed a completely new plant attached to the former building. Since 1973 Morse has expanded its facilities 3 times - in 1980, 1985, & 1992 - virtually doubling the size of its production facilities. In 1991 the company completed a major remodeling of its offices.

Over the last quarter century, Morse has pioneered innovative drum handling products including the 4-wheel drum truck, stainless steel drum handlers for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications, MORSpeed TM forklift attachments, and expanded Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers and Forklift-Karriers with powered versions offering hydraulic and electronic power lift and tilt options. Morse also provides unparalleled custom design and manufacturing capabilities, building many models for special applications to unique customer specifications.

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Last Updated: 04/29/19