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Morse celebrated 75 years in 1998

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The Best Brains in the Business

Three Generations at Morse Mfg.
Three generations of the Andrews family -- from left, Nathan Andrews, president; with his father, Robert Andrews, chairman, owner and former president; and a portrait of Nathan's grandfather, Ralph Andrews -- have run Morse Manufacturing Co.

Morse has been is business for morse tham 25 years

Reflecting its leadership position in the drum handling equipment industry, Morse Mfg. incorporates advanced capabilities to streamline and improve its design and manufacturing.

In production facilities, sophisticated CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) systems precisely operate the machining center and cutting tools, while the engineering/design department employs CAD systems to design drum handling equipment quickly and cost effectively. Pick System software networks PCs at manufacturing work stations, and manufacturing, engineering/design and management data systems are all linked together to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

In the Morse production process, steel and other components are received, cut and formed to precise measurements, ensuring that all parts of the same type are interchangeable. After rigorous quality inspection, parts are routed to various departments for welding, drilling, grinding and finishing. The products then move into the painting building, where they are assembled, painted and dried automatically. After final inspection, products are packaged and prepared for shipping or stock.

Today Morse's extensive product line includes the MORstak TM drum racker, drum lifters, lifting hooks, Karriers, adapters, fork-lift attachments, scale-equipped Karriers, drum rotators, can tumblers and tippers, wrenches, pumps, faucets, heaters, cradle trucks, upenders and dollies.

In the 21st century, Morse is further expanding its international marketing activities, adapting to changing economic conditions, while continuing its long tradition of providing innovative solutions for handling drums.

In 1998 we celebrated our 75th year of business here in Central New York. We are now in our 90th year.

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