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Barrel Handling Safety

Don't wait till someone gets hurt!

Barrel Monster

Artist was arrested for building this. . . but made his point.

Far beyond regular traffic barrels, the looming "Barrel Monster" got people's attention. . .

Hopefully, the "Barrel Monster" got people to slow down through the construction zone. A student was "arrested for stealing and damaging the traffic barrels." But, "the construction company requested that the charges be dropped and even suggested that another barrel monster in the construction zone could help deter traffic there."

We often ignore danger because we're used to it, or that's "just how we do things" around here.

Improper barrel handling practices lead to many workers being injured every year. Having all staff follow proper barrel handling procedures could prevent many of these injuries, while using safety conscious drum handling equipment will also help minimize the risks.

The variety of drum types and sizes used today presents additional challenges. The equipment to handle steel drums, may not be safe for handling a plastic barrel, or a fiber drum.

And how are you going to handle that 2500 Lb. (1134 kg) drum?

Don't ignore the dangers of handling heavy barrels. Ensure your employees' ergonomic and safety needs are met.

See the full article and picture of the whole "Barrel Monster"