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News Release: Scale-Equipped Drum Pourer with Air Power Lift and Tilt
Morse model 515-114

New Scale-Equipped drum pourers allow precise dispensing by weight from your drum. East Syracuse, NY The new Morse Scale-Equipped drum handlers not only lift and pour a drum, but they also weigh the drum while pouring! The carefully engineered structure, combined with a four-load-cell digital electronic system provide accurate weighing to 800 Lb. The scales touch pad, swivel mounting and clear display make the scale simple to use. This portable drum handler can be equipped with AC or battery powered hydraulics for non-hazardous areas. An intrinsically safe weighing system with hand pump or air power enable use in many hazard areas. Two-stage and single-stage masts are available for pouring as high as 106.

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Scale-Equipped Drum Pourer
Model # 515-T-114

Last Updated: 05/03/19

Scale-Equipped Drum Handlers - News Release