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Belted Variable-Speed
Portable Drum Drum Rollers / Rotators

Parts Diagram and Operators Manual

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Belted Portable Drum Roller
Model # Belted Variable-Speed Portable Drum Rollers  
201BVS-1 Variable-Speed, 1-phase 115V 60Hz  
201BVS-1-50 Variable-Speed, 1-phase 110 / 220V 50Hz  
201BVS-3 Variable-Speed, 3-phase 208-230 / 460V 60Hz  
201BVS-3-50 Variable-Speed, 3-phase 230 / 400V 50Hz  
201BVS-575 Variable-Speed, 3-phase 575V 60Hz  
201BVS-E1 Variable-Speed, Explosion-Proof 1-phase 115 / 208-230V 60Hz  
201BVS-E1-50 Variable-Speed, Explosion-Proof 1-phase 110 / 220V 50Hz  
201BVS-E3 Variable-Speed, Explosion-Proof 3-phase 208-230 / 460V 60Hz  
201BVS-E3-50 Variable-Speed, Explosion-Proof 3-phase 230 / 400V 50Hz  
201BVS-E575 Variable-Speed, Explosion-Proof 3-phase 575V 60Hz  
201BVS-A Variable-Speed, Air Powered  

Last Updated: 06/05/18


Morse Portable Drum Rotators / Drum Rollers - Parts Diagram and Operators Manual