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Drum Lifter / Drum Palletizer

Morse Mobile Drum Lifters / Drum Palletizers
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Drum Mover / Palletizer Details

Move your drums onto and off pallets

Custom drum transporter / palletizer made of type 304 stainless steel
Mobile Drum Karriers - Drum Palletizers
Model # Description
82H Hand Pump Lift
82H-120 AC Power Drum Lift
82H-124 Air Power Drum Lift
82H-125 Battery Power Drum Lift
82HM Hand Pump Drum Lift and Spark Resistant Parts
82HM-124 Air Power Drum Lift and Spark Resistant Parts
82H-SS Stainless Steel with Hand Pump Drum Lift
82H-SS-120 Stainless Steel with AC Power Drum Lift
82H-SS-124 Stainless Steel with Air Power Drum Lift
82H-SS-125 Stainless Steel with Battery Power Drum Lift
Last Updated: 06/24/19