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How to Select the Correct
Below-Hook Drum Lifter

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Guide to Morse Below-Hook Drum Lifters

How to Select the Right Below-Hook Drum Lifter for Your Drum

There is a below-hook lifter for almost any drum. The key is using the correct drum lifter. No one wants to risk of dropping a drum... with the associated damage, lost or contaminated product, environmental impact, and possible injuries.

Here's a basic guide. . .

To Lift an Upright Drum

  • 86 Series Drum Lifters with Under-Drum Support
    If the drum may sway on the chain. . . such as at marine or construction sites, or if the drum has no upper rim to grip, you want support under the drum, as well as securing around it, then model 86 is the answer. There is also the stainless steel model 86-SS.

  • 90 Series with Remote Grip and Release
    If you can lift your drum by gripping under the top rim, and you want remote grab and release function, select a 90 Series Verti-Karrier. There are models sized for a 55-gallon (210 Liter) drum, a 30-gallon (114 liter) drum, or for an 85-gallon (322 liter) overpack or salvage drum. You may also choose a spark resistant or stainless steel model.

  • Model 91 Narrow Profile Steel Drum Lifter
    If you only have 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drums, and want place them inside a salvage drum or overpack, the narrow profile model 91 suits your application.

  • 92 Series for Rimmed Steel, Plastic or Fiber Drum
    For one drum lifter that will handle rimmed plastic, steel or fiber drums, model 92 is ideal. And it allows you to place a drum into a salvage drum or overpack. Various versions of this drum lifter are available. . . even PailPRO model 92-5 designed just for a 5-gallon pail.

To Lift a Horizontal Drum

  • 41 Series Drum Lifting Hooks
    To lift a horizontal drum and place it on a cradle or onto a drum roller Use model 41. Note: To get a drum into horizontal position for lifting, we recommend model 160 4-Wheel Drum Truck.

  • 42 Series Heavy-Duty Lifters
    This is the most flexible drum lifter, as it allows you to lift an upright drum or a horizontal drum... and then set it down upright or in horizontal position.

Note: Each Morse drum lifter is load tested Every Morse Drum Lifter is load tested at the factory at 125% of rated capacity as per American National Standard ASME B30.20 and a load test certificate is sent enclosed with each unit.



Last Updated: 03/13/19

Guide to Morse Below-Hook Drum Lifters