Get the correct drum handler

How to Determine the Correct Drum Handler

Select the right drum handler for each application.
Gather basic information in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Your drums
  2. What you do with drums
  3. Preferred type of drum handler


Drum Information

  • Type(s) of drum... steel, plastic or fiber
  • Do ALL your drums have a Top Rim?
  • Drum sizes... 55, 30 gallon, etc. (210 liter, 114 liter, etc.)
  • Weight of heaviest drum to handle
  • Drum contents... liquid, powder, granules, etc.


What You Need to Do with Drums

  • Move upright drum
  • Lift and pour drum... how high?
  • Rack drum... upright or horizontally? Maximum rack height?
  • Mix drum contents
    • Drum TUMBLER for vigorous mix inside drum
    • Drum ROLLER for gentle mix inside drum


Type of Drum Handler