5-Gallon (20 liter) Pail Handlers

Morse Ergonomic PailPRO TM Series 5-Gallon pail and can handling equipment to lift, move, pour a 5-gallon (20 liter) can or pail Can Tumblers to mix contents of 1 to 5 gallon pails (4 to 20 liter pails)

Find an ergonomic 5-gallon (20 liter) pail handler for your application. Choose the correct pail handler to lift and pour pail, or to lift and move an upright can. Or select a Can Tumbler to mix the contents of a sealed can.

Mobile 5-Gallon Pail Handlers
Mobile 5-Gallon (20 liter) Pail Handlers PailPRO TM Mobile Pail Handler designed to lift and pour a metal can or plastic pail. Dispense pail at up to 5 feet (1.5 m) high.
Model 85-5 Below-Hook Pail Handler
Model 85-5 Below-Hook Pail-Karrier PailPRO TM Pail-Karrier brings ergonomics and safety to below-hook pail handling. Lift and pour a 5-gallon (20 liter) plastic or metal pail.
5-Gallon Pail Dolly
Models 34-5 and 34-5SS Pail Dollies PailPRO TM 5-gallon bucket dollies handle up to 12.5" (31.75 cm) diameter can or pail. Move easily on 3" polyolefin wheels.
5-Gallon Can Tippers
15 Series 5-Gallon Can Tippers PailPRO TM 5-Gallon Can Tippers / Pail Tilters / Bucket Tippers simplify and speed dispensing, while reducing risks of repetitive lifting.
Below-Hook Pail Lifter
Model 92-5 Below-Hook Pail Lifter PailPRO TM Pail Lifter is sized for a 5-gallon (20 liter) steel or plastic pail. Ergonomic 5-gallon bucket lifting with your hoist or crane.
5-Gallon Pail Heaters
710 and 711 Series 5-Gallon (20 liter) Pail Heaters PailPRO TM Flexible band heaters conduct heat through pail sidewall to product inside. Adjust thermostat maintain correct temperature.
5-Gallon Pail truck
Model 152-5 5-Gallon Pail Truck PailPRO TM Ergonomic 2-wheel truck eases handling a heavy 5-gallon (20 liter) pail or can. Simply place the pail handle over the hook and pull back on truck handle. The pail truck stands upright by itself.
5-Gallon Can Mixers
305 Series 5-Gallon Can Tumblers PailPRO TM 5-Gallon (20 liter) Can Tumblers mix products right inside sealed cans or pails. Reduce hazards and save clean-up. Blend 1 to 5 gallon containers (4 to 20 liter).
Model 83-125 5-Gallon Pail Handler with Battery Power Lift
Mobile Pail Handlers

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