Drum Rollers

Mix the Contents of a Closed Drum Without Even Opening It!
NO Mess... NO Exposure or Contamination!

Mixing drums is easy with a Morse industrial drum mixer. Drum Rollers mix right inside a sealed drum.

Gentle drum rolling blends sediment and valuable ingredients back into suspension. Eliminate contamination. and reduce clean-up and risk of worker exposure associated with insertion mixers.

IMPORTANT: OSHA, CSA and EU REQUIRE Safety Enclosure with Interlock

How Customers Use Morse 55-Gallon (210 liter) Drum Mixers to:
  • Blend batches of powder
  • Ensure uniform batches
  • Mix drums of paint, lubricants, urethane resin, plastisol, glue, dyes, flavored foods, etc.
  • Mix chemical drums into homogeneous product prior to use
  • Keep epoxy from separating
  • Grind and smooth parts in media
  • Homogenize tailings and sediment samples
  • Plasma spray powder mixing
  • Roll propellant casting tubes for chemical prep prior to cast

Morse Hydra-Lift Drum Rotators roll a drum on its side to mix drum contents

Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers

Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers have powered hydraulic system that lifts an upright drum from floor level and places it on its side for rolling.

Model names ending with CE are certified to be in compliance with European machine directives. They're ONLY for use in countries with 50Hz power supply.

Portable Drum Roller turns a drum on its side to mix contents

Portable Drum Rollers

Compact Portable Drum Rollers rotate a drum on its side to gently blend the contents.

Single Stationary Drum Roller rolls one drum on its side to mix drum contents

Stationary Drum Rollers

Stationary Drum Rollers turn a drum on its side. They require you to place the drum onto the roller in horizontal position. Single and double drum models available.