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Model 24 Clamp+GO Dolly Handle

24 Series Dolly Handles
Clamp+GOTM Dolly Handles are a safer and easier way to move a heavy drum on a round drum dolly. The Dolly Handle quickly and easily attaches and removes from the sidewall of the round dolly.

Kit # 4556-P Bracket Assembly.

MORCINCHTM Kits allow you to handle a plastic, fiber or steel the same Morse drum handler.

55/30-19 Diameter Adapter.

Diameter Adapters
Many Morse drum handlers accept Diameter Adapters to handle a smaller drum. Choose the correct size Diameter Adapter and accessories for each drum.

MORStop Tilt-Brake

MORStop Tilt-BrakeTM
The unique MORStop Tilt-BrakeTM automatically stops and holds the drum tilt angle. Improves safety for the operator, preventing the drum from driving the hand crank and hand wheel.

This simple, compact anti-backdrive device functions in both directions.

IMPORTANT: Can ONLY be installed on models with geared manual drum tilt control.

5-VF-45-23 Drum Cone with Iris Valve.

Drum Cones
Replace your drum lid with a Drum Cone to control dispensing of dry materials. Morse Drum Cones are available in carbon steel or Type 304 stainless steel.

Order separate Clamp Collar to secure cone to drum.

Order with Iris Valve or Slide Gate to control flow of material from 6" (15.24 cm) diameter discharge opening.

Model 65-20 Molasses Gate Drum Faucet.

Drum Faucets
Screw a drum faucet into drum bung thread to control liquid flow from a drum. Plastic faucets and cast iron faucets are available. Thread into metal thread of 2" and 3/4" bung sizes (5.1 and 1.9 cm bung diameters).

Model 26 Drum Pump.

Drum Pumps
Use a Drum Hand Pump to dispense from an upright drum. Choose the correct model drum pump for each chemical.

Model 59 MORplug Drum Wrench.

Drum Wrenches
Use a Drum Wrench to open and close drum bungs. Morse wrenches fit virtually all drum plugs on a steel, plastic or fiber drum. Spark resistant drum wrenches available.

Model 710-55-115 Drum Heater.

Drum Heaters
The flexible Drum Band Heater conforms to the drum sidewall to warm and maintain the temperature of drum contents.

  • Heaters for METAL Drum - Thermostat adjusts from 50 to 425 F (10 to 218 C)

  • Heaters for PLASTIC Drum - Thermostat adjusts from 50 to 160 F (10 to 71 C)

IMPORTANT: The Drum Heater MUST be positioned BELOW the content level inside the drum.

Model 284 Fork Hook.

Fork Mount Hook
Slide the Fork Hook onto the fork of a forklift, then you can suspend a drum lifter from it.

IMPORTANT: The Fork Hook is NOT a drum handler by itself

Fork Pocket Kits

Fork Pocket Kits
Add Fork Pockets to a below-hook drum lifter

Counterweights to keep below-hook drum handler level.

Manual Tilt Control Options are available for Morse Kontrol-Karriers, Forklift-Karriers, Hydra-Lift Karriers, and Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers.

MORCINCH Drum Holder automatically adjusts for 22" to 23.5" (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum

MORCINCH Drum Handling System

MORCINCH Drum Handling System

Model 55/30-19 Diameter Adapter for 19" to 19.5" (47 to 48.3 cm) diameter drum

Drum Diameter Adapters

Diameter Adapters for a smaller drum

Asymmetric Drum Cone shown with Iris Valve, Extension Tube and Clamp Collar (each sold separately)

Drum Cones

Drum Cones