Drum Palletizers

Ergonomic drum palletizers make moving drums easy. Move a drum onto and off shipping pallets, spill containment pallets or a drum dolly.

Choose the best drum handler for moving your drums onto and off pallets.

Model 81 Drum Spotter to Palletize 55-gallon (210 liter) drum.

81 Series Drum Spotters / Drum Palletizers

The Drum Spotter is simple to operate and moves rimmed 55-gallon (210 liter) drums easily. Lift and lower the handle to remove or place drum at the corner of pallets. The Drum Spotter can serve a pallet up to 6" high. Model 81M Drum Spotter is made with Spark Resistant Parts, and Model 81-SS Stainless Steel Drum Spotter is made with Type 304 stainless steel.

Model 82H Drum Palletizer.

82H Series Drum Palletizers
These Drum Palletizers enable you to move upright drums onto and off the corner of pallets up to 19" high. Lift drum with a set of jaws gripping the drum rim. 82H Series drum movers are available with Air, AC, or DC power lift options.

82A-GT Series Drum Palletizers with hand Crank Geared Drum Tilt Control

82A-GT Series of Drum Palletizers with Geared Tilt Drum Pouring
Drum palletizers with Hand Crank Geared Tilt to control drum pouring. Move, palletize and pour a steel, plastic or fiber drum at up to 26" (66 cm) high. The hand crank geared tilt makes it easy to pour a drum. Control drum rotation 360o end-over-end in either direction.

Models with Battery, AIR or AC power lift.

Manual models have Hand Pump drum lift.

82A Series Morse Drum Palletizers and Pourers

82A Series Drum Palletizers that pour
Move a drum onto and off pallets up to 20" high. Grasp drum and turn by hand to pour up to 26" high.

Models with Battery, AIR or AC power lift.

Manual models have Hand Pump drum lift.

Model 160 4-Wheel Drum Truck.

160 Series 4-Wheel Drum Trucks
Use a 4-Wheel Drum Truck for moving drums on and off pallets. Stainless steel drum trucks also available.

MORSPEED Forklift Drum Handler.

Forklift Attachments to Lift and Move Drums
MORSPEED TM Forklift Drum Handlers to transport and palletize rimmed steel, fiber and plastic drums. Use your fork truck to move drums on and off pallets and trucks.