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Drum Handling Equipment - 55-Gallon (210 liter) Drum Handlers

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Drum Handling Equipment Catalog
Material Handling Catalog - Drum Handling Equipment


Video of Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers
Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers

Fork Pocket Kits Video
Add Fork Pockets to Below-Hook Drum Handler

GRIP+GO Power-Grip Fork Mount Drum Handler
GRIP+GOTM Power-Grip Fork Mount Drum Handler

CE-Marked Drum Tumblers
CE-Marked Drum Tumblers

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MORCINCH Options to handle a plastic drum, fiber drum, or a smaller drum Morse manufactures ergonomic barrel and drum handling equipment to lift, move, and pour drums, rack drums, weigh and pour drums... drum trucks, drum dollies, drum palletizers and drum handling forklift attachments. Morse makes a full line of industrial drum handlers: drum rotators and drum rollers to mix the contents of your sealed drums. Use a Drum cone to control the flow of dry material from your drum. We also have drum pumps, drum wrenches, drum faucets and drum heaters. Morse manufactures the most extensive line of 55-gallon (210 liter) drum handling equipment. We also welcome requests for custom drum handling equipment.
55-Gallon (210 liter) Drum Handling Equipment
Drum Rotators / Drum Mixers - Mix ingredients inside a closed drum to eliminate spills, transfer time and clean-up. Save Time, Labor and Money!
drum tumblers

Drum Tumblers

Tumble drums end-over-end to provide a thorough mix inside a sealed drum.
Drum Tumblers,
Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers with Power-Lift, Drum Tumblers with Automated Control Package and CE-Marked Drum Tumblers
drum rollers

Drum Rollers

Roll a drum on its side to mix settled contents.
Portable Drum Rollers
Stationary Drum Rollers,
Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers with Power Lift
and CE-Marked Drum Rollers
Forklift Attachments for Drum Handling

GRIP+ GOTM Power-Grip
Fork Mount Drum Handler

Drum Handling Forklift-Karrier - Forklift attachment to lift and pour drumForklift-Karriers to Lift and Pour a Drum
Transport and pour a 55-gallon (210 liter) drum with your forklift. Rotate drum from the truck operators seat.

MORSpeed forklift attachment to lift and move drum

MORSPEED 1500 TM Forklift Drum Movers
Forklift attachments to transport 1500 Lb. (680 kg) upright rimmed steel, fiber or plastic drums. Move drums on and off pallets, trucks, etc. with your forklift.

MORSPEED 1000 TM Forklift Drum Movers
Forklift attachment to move a 1000 Lb. (454 kg) upright drum.

Below-Hook Drum Handling
Below Hook Drum Handlers to lift and pour drum

Kontrol-Karriers to Lift and Pour a Drum
Add drum handling to your hoist or crane. Lift and pour a drum, and control drum rotation 360 degrees in either direction.

Below-hook drum lifters

Below-Hook Drum Lifters
Lift a drum with your hoist or crane. A below-hook drum lifter for almost any drum. Safety conscious drum handling with your hoist.

Mobile Drum Handlers - Ergonomic drum handlers to lift, move, and pour your heavy drum. Power-lift and power-tilt options increase productivity and reduce effort. Drum handling for 55-gallon (210 liter) steel drums, with options to handle plastic or fiber drums. . . and even your smaller sized drum.

Mobile Drum Handlers
to lift and pour drum

Hydra-Lift Drum Karrier - One-person drum handling
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers with up to 106" (2.7 m) pouring height.
Scale-Equipped Drum Pourers to weigh drum while while you pour.
Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers pour 800 Lb. drum up to 8' (2.4 m) high.
Stainless Steel Hydra-Lift Karriers for food and pharmaceutical applications.
Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers pour 1200 Lb. drum up to 6' (1.8 m) high.
Drum Palletizers pour at up to 26" (66 cm).
Mobile Drum Karriers pour at up to 17" (43 cm).

Drum Palletizers
drum palletizers Safely transport drums and move drums on and off pallets. Models for steel, plastic, or fiber drums.

Model 81 Drum Spotter / Palletizer.
Drum Palletizers / Movers.
Drum Palletizers with Geared Drum Tilt
Drum Palletizers / Movers that pour a drum at up to 26" (66 cm) high.

drum dollies

Drum Dollies
Drum Dollies to transport and position drum.
5-Gallon Pail Dolly to move and position 5-gallon pail or can.

Clamp+GO Dolly Handle

Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle
(Patented Design)
is a safer and easier way to move many different drum dollies. Quickly disengage the Clamp+Go TM from one drum dolly , and connect to another.

drum trucks

Drum Trucks
Safety conscious drum handling.
Ergonomic 4-Wheel Drum Trucks.
Economical 2 and 3 Wheel Drum Trucks.

drum cradles

Drum Cradles
Drum Cradles to position and dispense from a drum
Can Tippers to hold and pour a 5-gallon pail or can.

Drum Rackers - Safe, efficient drum handling to lift your drum and place into a drum rack with powered lift and tilt.
MORStak drum rackers - rack drums up to 8.5 feet high

Drum Rackers eliminate hazardous bare fork drum handling.
MORStak TM Drum Rackers rack a steel or plastic drum up to 8.5 feet (2.59 m) high.

Omni-Lift Drum Rackers rack up to 6 feet (1.8 m) high.

MORStak Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers

MORStak TM Forklift Mounted Drum Rackers
Lift, tilt and rack a 55-gallon (210 liter) rimmed steel or plastic drum with your forklift.

Drum Handling Options and Accessories
Options and Accessories, Drum Diameter Adaptors

Handle various drums with one drum handler.
Diameter Adaptors for various sizes of smaller drum.
Options to Handle a Plastic Drum with the same drum handler.
MORStop Tilt-Brake Option automatically holds drum tilt position even if drum contents shift from one end to the other.

MORCINCH Options to handle a plastic drum, fiber drum, or a smaller drum

allow you to handle a 55-gallon plastic or steel drum, a fiber drum, or even a smaller drum with the same Morse drum handler.

drum cones

Drum Cones to control dispensing of dry materials.
Drum Faucets to control flow of liquids.
Drum Pumps to dispense liquids from an upright drum.
Drum Wrenches to open and close drum bungs.
Drum Heaters and Pail Heaters to warm drum contents.
Fork Hook to suspend below-hook drum lifter from forklift.

Stainless Steel Drum Handlers Custom Drum Handlers
stainless steel drum handlers

Stainless Steel Drum Handlers
Drum handling equipment available in type 304 stainless steel construction.

Custom model 400S-XR with extra reach beyond front wheels

Custom Drum Handlers
Custom capabilities enable us to design and build drum handler to fit your specific drum handling needs.

PailPRO 5-Gallon Pail Handlers - Pail Handling Equipment 5-Gallon (19 liter) Pail Handlers
5-Gallon Pail Handler

PailPRO TM  Pail Handlers bring ergonomics to pail handling.

Use model 83 Pail Handler to lift, move and pour a 5-gallon (19 liter) pail.

Morse also makes a 5-Gallon Pail Truck, Pail Dolly, Below-Hook Pail-Karrier, Below-Hook Pail Lifter, Can Tippers and Pail Heaters.

5-gallon can tumbler to rotate 5-gallon pails end-over-end

5-Gallon Can Tumblers

Rotate 5-gallon (19 liter) pails end-over-end to mix contents right inside a sealed pail or can.
Enclosures with Safety Interlock for 5-Gallon Can Tumblers.

Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment." We manufacture 55-gallon (210 liter) drum handling solutions, including hand drum trucks, industrial drum handlers, specialized drum handling forklift attachments, and heavy-duty models for forklift mounted or below-hook drum handling with capacities up to 2500 Lb. (1136 kg). Drum handling forklift attachments to lift and rotate your drum 360 o, or to lift and transport upright drums are available. Many drum handling models are available in type 304 stainless steel.

We also offer our PailPRO TM line of 5-gallon (19 liter) pail handlers.

Morse drum rotators provide a method of mixing ingredients right inside your sealed drum. Drum Tumblers to turn your drum end-over-end, and drum rollers to roll your drum on its side. This helps to eliminate clean-up, and reduce labor and safety concerns.

Please consult our knowledgeable staff, or your local Morse Dealer, for assistance in determining the best 55-gallon (210 liter) drum handler for your application. Requests for custom drum and barrel handling designs are welcome.


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