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News Release  -  Model 81 
Drum Spotter: Move Drum To and From Pallets

Moves Drum To and From Pallets Easily and Quickly

� Simple to operate
� Compact, Quick, Efficient
� Keeps Drum upright
� Economical to Buy, Simple to Maintain

The common practice of moving and storing drums on pallets creates a widespread problem. There are many places where individual workers need to remove heavy drums from pallets or put heavy drums onto pallets. The challenge is to accomplish this without physical injury and without large capital investment. It is not practical to have costly lift trucks or cranes at every drum location. There has been much interest in this compact, and simple-to-use drum handler. The Model 81 has an elegantly simple new design to get the job done economically! Individual workers can manage drum deliveries as needed in areas convenient to their work stations.
The Model 81 is designed to enable the user to simply wheel it to any corner of the pallet. With the handle raised, the two forged alloy lifting hooks will slide under the rim of the drum. Pulling downward on the handle lifts the drum and it�s ready to be wheeled anywhere. Handle length provides adequate leverage to lift heavy drums and automatic ratchets hold the drum up until the operator allows it to be put down. Once the drum is raised there is no weight in the operator�s hands, the Model 81 holds and carries the drum. The Model 81 is designed for 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drums weighing up to 800 Lb. (363 kg) with suitable top rims.
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