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News Release: MORStop Tilt-Brake Option automatically stops and holds the drum tilt angle

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East Syracuse, NY 10/8/03 Morse Manufacturing, the specialist in drum handling equipment, is proud to announce another first in the material handling industry the MORStop Tilt-Brake. When dispensing a heavy drum, especially an unbalanced drum, operators may need to manually lock the pull-chain or crank handle to prevent unwanted drum rotation. The unique MORStop Tilt-Brake mechanism automatically stops and holds the drum tilt angle. It is a simple, compact anti-backdrive device that functions smoothly and quietly in both directions. The MORStop Tilt-Brake utilizes proprietary technology to give the operator unprecedented control as well as smooth and quiet operation. When used together with the industry standard Morse Pinion & Spur gear tilt-drive, the operator can easily tilt and dispense a drum at will and have it stay tilted without the operator holding onto the pull-chain or crank handle. The new MORStop Tilt-Brake can be used on any new or used Morse Below-Hook Kontrol-Karrier, Forklift-Karrier, Hydra-Lift Karrier, or any manual tilt product using a Morse style gear block. The MORStop Tilt-Brake accessory can be easily installed to any existing Morse Karrier product with a simple field installation. For nearly 80 years, Morse Manufacturing has offered the most extensive line of drum handling equipment anywhere in the world and has introduced virtually every major product innovation in the drum-handling marketplace. Morse Manufacturing is focused exclusively on designing, manufacturing, and marketing drum handling equipment and has a designated team of engineers developing custom solutions to individual applications. Every product Morse produces is of superior quality and is manufactured in the United States by laborers in the Central New York community.

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File name: MORStop_400,285,185.png
File Size: 10.5" x 9.3" at 300 dpi

Image depicts MORStop Tilt-Brake being used on

  • Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers

  • Forklift-Karriers

  • Below-Hook Kontrol-Karriers

Last Updated: 03/21/19