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Drum Heaters and 5-Gallon Pail Heaters

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Flexible Heaters for plastic, fiber or steel drums and pails

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NEW Drum and Pail Heaters

Drum heaters for almost any steel, plastic or fiber drum...
...even for 5-gallon pails.

Morse drum heaters provide more heating power over a larger surface area. For example: our heater for a 55-gallon metal drum is 1500 watt and 4" wide.

Use Drum Heaters to:

  • Melt or preheat process ingredients
  • Control viscosity or temperature for handling processes
  • Protect against freezing
  • Speed flow of liquids
  • Promote dissolution and reduce residue
  • Maintain liquid temperatures in water purification systems
  • Maintain resin at optimum temperature
  • Maintain viscosity of chemical binder in sand casting mold operation

drum heaters and 5-gallon pail heaters
They are an effective and reliable way to heat the contents of drums with an adjustable 50 to 450 F thermostat.

Made of tough fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber, they conform to the curvature of the drum. Simply wrap the drum heater around the drum and attach the spring and hook closure.