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MORSPEED 1500 Model 288-2 handling a steel drum and a plastic drum
MORSPEED 1500TM Model 288-2
handling a 55-gallon steel drum
and a 30-gallon plastic drum

grip the upper rim of a drum
MORSPEED Jaws grip the upper rim of drum
MORSPEED Forklift Attachment will handle a fiber drum
1 head per drum

  MORSPeed drum grabber jaws - 2 heads per drum
  2 heads per drum


Custom Forklift Attachment

Custom MORSpeed Forklift Attachment for 2500 Lb. (1134 kg) drum
Custom Model # 288-1S-HD
Heavy-Duty Forklift Attachment

for handling up to a 2500 Lb.
(1134 kg) drum has 2 heads
in fixed center position.

MORSPEED 1500  TM Forklift Attachments to Move Drums

Fork mounted drum grabber attachments
to lift, move, palletize and stack drums with your fork truck.
Forklift drum movers for your rimmed drums.

MORSpeed forklift drum moversTM
Forklift Attachments with 1500 Lb. (680 kg) Capacity per Drum

MORSPEED 1500TM forklift drum grabbers / movers are a safety conscious way to handle your drums.

The jaws of MORSPEED 1500TM forklift attachments are contoured to securely grasp various rimmed drums. Precision gripping mechanism is built to last. MORSPEED 1500TM forklift drum movers handle virtually any rimmed drum, regardless of diameter. These forklift drum grabbers require that the drum lid be in place on your drum. Move drums with damaged sides or straight walls. Works with or without pallets.

MORSPEED 1500TM Forklift attachments handle many different drums:

  • Rimmed steel, fiber or plastic drum
  • Up to 1500 Lb. (680 kg) per drum
  • Require drum height of 24" (61 cm) or taller. Use these 55-gallon drum grabber forklift attachments for 30-gallon (114 liter) or 85-gallon (320 liter) drums
  • Any diameter drum
  • Straight walled or damaged drum

Dimensions of MORSpeed Forklift Drum Handlers
Requires 16.5" (41.9 cm) between forks, as fork pocket openings are 16.5" apart. Each fork pocket opening is 2.5" (6.35 cm) high by 6.5" (16.5 cm) wide.

MORSpeed minimum drum weight requirements IMPORTANT NOTE:
Single MORSPEEDTM head requires a minimum of 75 Lb. (34 kg) per drum to begin the gripping action.
Double MORSPEEDTM heads with 2 sets of jaws require minimum 350 Lb. (159 kg) per drum.

Operation of Forklift Attachments

Grab, lift, move and place drums without the operator leaving driver's seat. MORSPEED 1500TM forklift attachments mount on forks in seconds without any tools. Fork pocket openings are 6.5" (16.5 cm) wide x 2.125" (5.4 cm) high and 16.5" (41.9 cm) apart.

Raise and lower forks to actuate the drum grab... No manual contact with the drums. Completely Mechanical and Automatic drum grab requires no power source. Massive steel jaws of the MORSPEED 1500TM forklift attachments are contoured to securely grasp drum rim.

Calculation of lost load capacity with forklift attachment

MORSPEED 1500TM drum grabber
forklift attachments
allow you to handle
virtually any
rimmed drum
with your forklift.

Move and stack
drums simply and
quickly with this
fork mounted
drum handler.

Stack drums
tightly with
or without


Forklift drum lifter / mover is designed to handle one rimmed drum.

See detail and dimensions.

MORSpeed forklift drum handler model 288-1


Forklift drum lifter / mover has two heads to handle one rimmed drum. Two heads per drum can reduce the stress on the drum rim. See detail of fork attachment.

model p288


Forklift drum lifter / mover is designed to handle 1 or 2 rimmed drums at a time.

model 288-2


Forklift drum lifter / mover has two heads per drum. It will handle 1 or 2 drums at a time.

Belted Backrest Kit installed - Option number 2523-P
Belted Backrest Kit installed
See Detail

Option # 2523-P - MORSPEED 1500TM Belted Backrest

Belted backrest pad equips MORSPEED 1500TM drum grabber forklift attachment with a 12" (30.5 cm) wide cotton-based fabric belt. It contacts the side of your drum to help protect the drum sidewall from being marred in handling. The belt is sold as a bolt-on kit.

Order one belt kit for EACH drum position on your MORSPEED 1500TM forklift drum grabber

  • For model 288-1 or 288-1-2H
    Order ONE Belt Kit

  • For model 288-2 or 288-2-2H
    Order TWO Belt Kits


Belted Backrest Kit
Belted Backrest Kit
MORSpeed model 287 - Carriage Mount
See Detail

Carriage Mount - Model 287 - Forklift Attachments

  • Mounts directly onto ITA Class 2 forklift carriage for use without forks
  • Best to move drums in limited space not using pallets and without the need to reach past single row of drums
  • Model 287 handles one drum at a time
  • Install one or two to move drums using truck carriage without forks

Note: Model 287 mounted on Part # 288-0 makes Model 288-1

MORSpeed heads
See Detail

MORSPEED 1500TM drum grabber heads

Revision of spring placement provides greater durability and reliability.

Fork Mounted Drum Grabbers - MORSPEED 1500 TM Forklift Drum Handlers    
Model # # of Drums Heads
per Drum
per Drum
Minimum Weight per Drum
Required to Activate Jaws
Ship Weight
Domestic Ship
288-1 1 1 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 75 Lb. (34 kg) 267 Lb. (121 kg) L37 x W33" x H37"
(94 x 84 x 94 cm)
288-1-2H 1 2 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 350 Lb. (159 kg) 365 Lb. (166 kg)
288-2 2 1 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 75 Lb. (34 kg) 347 Lb. (158 kg)
288-2-2H 2 2 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 350 Lb. (159 kg) 425 Lb. (193 kg)
Carriage-Mount Drum Handlers    
287 1 1 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 75 Lb. (34 kg) 138 Lb. (63 kg) L38" x W25" x H21"
(97 x 64 x 53 cm)
287-2H 1 2 1500 Lb. (680 kg) 350 Lb. (159 kg) 186 Lb. (85 kg) L37" x W23" x H21"
(94 x 58 x 53 cm)
Model  # Description Ship Weight Ship Dimensions
2523-P Belted Backrest Kit  -  Install one Belt Kit for each drum position 5 Lb. (2.3 kg) L17" x W10" x H10"
(43 x 25 25 cm)
2839X-P Crate for export, fully enclosed, heat treated and certified IPPC compliant 200 Lb. (91 kg) L42" x W36" x H42"
(107 x 91.4 x 107 cm)

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MORSPEED 1500TM forklift attachments to lift, move, palletize and stack drums with your fork truck.
Drum grabbers. Forklift drum movers for rimmed drums.

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