Morse GRIP+GO Power-Grip Fork Mount Drum Handler

Morse model 290F GRIP+GO Power-Grip Fork Mount Drum Handler Forklift attachment to lift, move and pour a drum.

Key features

  • Self-contained 12V DC Battery Power GRIP & TILT
  • Fully Invert Drum: Turn 180o to empty contents
  • Tilts Drum Forward and Back
  • Self Contained Battery Power Tilt Control with pendant
  • Add Option for wireless tilt control
  • Add Grip Pad Kit for plastic or fiber drum
  • Handle 15 to 55-gallon (55 to 210 liter) steel drum
  • Requires 25" (63.5 cm) Between Forks

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Model 290F Grip+Go Drum Handler

Model 290F GRIP+GOTM
Power-Grip fork mount drum handler to lift, move and pour a drum right from your forklift. FULLY invert a drum... turning the drum forward 180o. Control the drum tilt function all the way from upright to fully inverted.

Grab a drum off the floor, from a pallet, racking, trucks, etc.

Model 290F accepts a typical 15-gallon to 55-gallon (55 to 210 liter) steel drum, with 14" to 24" (35.6 to 61 cm) diameter.

The drum turns down BETWEEN the forks, close to the forklift. The compact design provides a tight turning radius.

Self-contained 12V battery powers the grip and tilt function, requiring no connection to your lift's power or hydraulics.

Control Pendant for Model 290F Drum Handler

The control pendant has built-in safety features to help prevent unintentional release of a drum.


Wireless Control Option 6149i-P for Model 290F Drum Handler

Factory Installed Option 6149i-P
Factory installed Option # 6149i-P Wireless control is available

Grip Pad Kit 6172XL-P

Grip Pad Kit 6172XL-P
Install Grip Pad Kit to handle plastic or fiber drum. The grip surface material is high friction SBR Rubber Polymer (also known as RMA Grade II rubber).

Provides 148% more grip surface. Extra wide grip surface also allows a greater grip pressure.

Factory Installed Camera Option on Model 290F

Factory Installed Option 6320i-P
Factory-installed Camera Option provides the forklift operator a clear view of dispensing on a monitor in the forklift cab

Model Chart

Product Description
290F GRIP+GO Fork Mount Drum Handler. 12V DC Power Grip & Tilt to invert drum. REQUIRES 25"(63.5cm) between forks. Includes battery and charger.

California Proposition 65 Information

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including barium sulfate, cobalt, titanium dioxide, and 2-methylimidazole, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and bisphenol-A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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