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Below-Hook Drum Carriers to Pour within Reach
Turn Drum by Hand 360 degrees
Which drum handler will work for you

To Handle Various Drums:
New 85i Series
- Add Options for Plastic or Fiber Drum
- Add Adaptors for Smaller Drum
For ONLY a Ribbed 55-Gallon (210 liter) Steel Drum:
85A and 85G Series
Pour a drum with Morse below-hook drum carrier Pour 55-Gallon Steel Drum ONLY with model 85A
  • Pour various drum types and sizes of drums
  • Lock drum at 45 degrees, as well as upright or horizontal
  • Turn drum by hand
Model Numbers
  • Model 85i with web strap and ratchet
  • Model 85i-SS stainless steel below-hook drum carrier
  • Pour a 55-Gallon (210 liter) Steel Drum ONLY
  • Lock drum upright or at horizontal
  • Turn drum by hand
Model Numbers
  • Model 85A with cinch chain and ratchet
  • Model 85AM adds spark resistant parts
  • Model 85G with 3-piece drum holder

IMPORTANT: These drum carriers require that you manually grasp the drum to control the drum tilt. You control drum tilting by hand 360 degrees in either direction. For Drum Handlers with Geared Drum Tilt, see Morse 185 Series.

Use Morse 85 Series Below-hook drum carriers to lift, rotate and control drum pouring within your reach. Turn drum by hand 3600 in either direction. Dispense drum contents with your hoist or crane.

Drum Carrier Capacity:

  • Full drum up to 800 Lb. (363 kg)
  • Half-full drum up to 500 Lb. (227 kg)