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Drum Faucets / Drum Spigots

to control the flow of liquid from your drums

Drum faucets / drum spigots are available for standard 2" and 3/4" bung sizes (5.1 and 1.9 cm bung diameters) on 30 and 55-gallon steel drums (114 and 210 liter steel drums). They allow you to start, stop or adjust the flow while you dispense from your drum. Order a drum faucet compatible with the liquid you are dispensing.

Note about buttress thread adaptorsThe bung on your PLASTIC drum may have more coarse "buttress thread," which requires an adaptor to accept the pipe thread on Morse drum faucets.

Morse drum faucets are NOT considered "food grade"

Models 68-20 and 68-75 Poly Drum Faucets

Poly drum faucets

Poly Drum Faucets

  • Model 68-20  for 2" bung

  • Model 68-75 for 3/4" bung


These drum faucets have all polyethylene construction. They are ideal for use with non-flammable, corrosive liquids which are often packed in polyethylene drums.

  • Only a half turn to open or close drum faucet
  • Stays open to empty drum until manually closed

Model 68-20 Drum Faucet

  • For 2" bung with National Pipe Thread (NPT)
  • For thick, viscous liquids
  • Dispensing O.D. tapers from 7/8" to 3/4" at discharge end
  • Dispensing I.D. is 0.61"

Ship weight: 1 Lb. (0.5 kg)
Ship dimensions: L10" W10" H3" (25 x 25 x 8 cm)

Model 68-75 Drum Faucet

  • For 3/4" pipe thread size bung
  • For thin liquids
  • Dispensing O.D. is 2-1/4"
  • Dispensing I.D. is 2"

Ship weight: 0.1 Lb. (.05 kg)

"Molasses Gate" Drum Faucets

Molasses Gate for viscous liquids - model 65-20
Model 65-20
Molasses Gate
Drum Faucet

Molasses Gates are for viscous liquids. They are made of gray iron and have a brass sliding plate. These drum faucets are lockable with a pad lock. They are NOT self-closing and NOT for use with flammable liquids.

"Molasses Gate" refers to the viscosity of molasses. These faucets are NOT considered "food grade."

Model 65-20 - 2" Molasses Gate

  • For a 2" bung with National Pipe Thread (NPT)

Ship weight: 5 Lb. (2.3 kg)
Ship dimensions: L8" W7" H3" (20 x 18 x 8 cm)

Model 65-75 - 3/4" Molasses Gate

  • For a 3/4" bung with National Pipe Thread (NPT)

Ship weight: 1.5 Lb. (0.7 kg)

Last Updated: 02/03/17

Drum Faucets to control flow of liquid from a drum. Stop, start or adjust the flow while you empty drum.