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Morse Mfg. Company History

There's a Ford in our past

Morse Manufacturing was founded in 1923 by J. Mott Morse to produce custom-made metal parts and stampings, the company soon branched out to capitalize on the burgeoning automotive field. Early product successes included the Snap Foot Accelerator for the Model T ford, the Motoroar Muffler By-Pass Valve, automotive exhaust system accessories, and helpful workplace items such as Clamp-Tite Saw Horse Brackets and a multi-purpose vise and clamp.

In 1943 an ingenious, enterprising young man named Ralph Andrews joined the firm, bringing a wealth of engineering and production expertise gained at General Electric to his new position. Sensing an emerging need in American industry for equipment to safely and efficiently lift, transport and empty extremely heavy 55-gallon steel drums containing various materials.

Andrews soon began testing, developing and building new devices to eliminate the back-breaking work and danger involved.

Ralph Andrews

Ralph Andrews

Andrews' original equipment concepts were eagerly accepted and quickly became an entirely new category of industrial products: drum handling equipment. As the popularity of its products grew among drum handlers, the company decided to concentrate all its resources in this field.


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Last Updated: 05/08/18