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Parts Diagrams and Operators Manuals
for Morse Drum Handlers

Genuine Morse Drum Handling Equipment Parts

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Portable Drum Handlers   Attachments   Drum Mixers   5-Gallon Pail Handlers
Mobile Drum Pourers / Dispensers Forklift Attachments Drum Rollers PailPRO 5-Gallon Pail HandlersSeries
80 Series Mobile-Karriers   284 Fork Hook   201 Series Portable Drum Rollers   15 Series Can Tippers
82A Series Drum Pourers / Palletizers   285 Series Forklift-Karriers   456 Series Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers   34-5 Pail Dolly
82A-GT Series Drum Pourers / Palletizers with Geared Tilt   286 Series MORSPEEDTM 1000 
Drum Handler
  456-CE Series CE-Marked Drum Rollers   83 Pail Handler
400 Series Hydra-Lift Karriers   287 Series MORSPEEDTM 1500 
Carriage Mount Drum Handlers
  5154 Series Stationary Drum Rotators   85-5  Pail-Karrier
410 Series Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers   288 Series MORSPEEDTM 1500 
Drum Handlers
  Drum Tumblers   152-5  Pail Truck
510 & 520 Series Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers   289F MORStak Fork Mount
Drum Racker
  309 Series Drum Tumblers   305 Series Can Tumblers
515 & 525 Series Scale-Equipped
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers
  290F GRIP+GOTM Power-Grip Drum Handler   310 Series Tilt-To-Load Tumblers   Accessories & Options
900 Power-Propelled Drum Pourer   Crane / Hoist Attachments   310-CE Series CE-Marked Tumblers   26, 27 and 28 Series Drum Hand Pumps
905 Scale-Equipped
Power-Propelled Drum Pourer
  41 Drum Lifting Hooks   311 Series Tilt-To-Load Tumbler, Enclosure & Automated Controls   500KIT-P Chain Wheel Kit, 185A-GR
Drum Palletizers   42 Drum Lifters   300 Series End-Over-End Drum Rotators (discontinued)   727KIT-P Kit: Convert 3/16 Chain & Ratchet to 9/32 Chain
81 Drum Spotter   85A &
85G Series
Carriers for 55-gallon steel drum ONLY   Guard Enclosure Kits   1318-P Chain Wheel Kit, 20' (600 cm)
82H Drum Palletizers   85C Carrier for 21" to 23" diameter steel drum   GEK Series Enclosure Installation Instructions   1319-P Chain Wheel Kit, 12' (365 cm)
750 Pallet Server (discontinued)   85i Series Carriers for various drums   GEK-CE Series CE-Marked Enclosure Installation Instructions   1320-P Chain Wheel Kit, 9' (275 cm)
Drum Rackers   86 Drum Lifter         1321-P Chain Wheel Kit, 7' (213 cm)
289F MORStak Fork Mount Racker   90 Verti-Karrier Drum Lifters         1325-P Chain Wheel Kit, 185XGR, 285A-GR, 285G-GR, 285XGR
405 Series Omni-Lift Karriers   91 Drum and Overpack Lifter         2690-P Handwheel Kit, field install
600 Series MORStak Rackers   92 Drum Lifters         3200-P Muffler Upgrade Kit
910 Power-Propelled Racker   184 Adjusto-Karrier (discontinued)         3900-P MORStop Tilt-Brake, field install
Drum Hand Trucks   185 Series Kontrol-Karriers         4556-P Kit: Bracket Assembly
125 No-Spill Drum Truck   186 Adjusto-Karrier         4556C-P Bracket Assembly for Cone
152 & 153 2-Wheel Drum Trucks   195 Series Power-Tilt Kontrol-Karriers         4560-P Kit: Top Rim Clamp
155 Handstand Drum Truck               4804-P Wireless Remote
160 4-Wheel Drum Trucks               5017KIT-P Kit: Convert 3/16 Chain & Ratchet to 9/32 Chain
Drum Dollies and Cradles               5115-P Kit: Web Strap & Ratchet
14 Series Round Drum Dollies               5245KIT-P Chain Wheel Guide
24 Series Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle               5978KIT-P Spur Gear Kit with Keys to Replace 27-P
34 Series Square Drum Dollies               Counterweights to level 185 Series
36 55-Gallon Drum Cradle               E14REFIT-P Kit: Convert Fiber Drum Strap to Chain Cover
40 55-Gallon Drum Cradle               E14SSREFIT-P Kit: Convert SS Fiber Drum Strap to Chain Cover
46 15-Gallon Drum Cradle               PLAIR Air Motor Technical Information
Drum Stackers               X02, X03 Drum Hand Tilt Options
512 & 522 Series Vertical-Lift Stackers                  
915 Power-Propelled Stacker