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Images of 4-Wheel Drum Trucks

Morse Ergonomic 4-Wheel Drum Trucks


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4-wheel drum truck - Morse model 160
Model 160 Drum Truck
The ergonomic design of Morse 4-wheel drum trucks allows them to stand alone
with no need to support or balance them. Use these drum trucks to get your
drums onto and off pallets. Even dispense your drum into a 5-gallon (20 liter) pail.

Position a Drum Horizontally for dispensing or lifting

Position drum horizontally with Morse model 160 drum truck
Position a drum horizontally with Morse model 160 drum truck
by extending the support prop. You can then dispense into a
5-gallon pail, or lift the drum with a drum racker or
below-hook horizontal drum lifter model 41, as shown below.

Use drum truck to position drum for horizontal lifting

Drum truck for Rough Terrain

4-wheel drum truck for rough terrain has inflatable tires / pneumatic wheels
Model 160-WP 4-Wheel Drum Truck with pneumatic wheels (inflatable tires)
mounted outside the frame provides a wider stance, ideal for use over rough terrain
and crossing floor grating.

Model 160-SS with Option 5058-P strap to hold plastic drum
Stainless Steel Drum Truck (model # 160-SS) shown with Option 5058-P Strap Kit
Add the Optional Strap Kit to any Morse 4-Wheel Drum Truck to
assist in breaking over your rimless plastic drum onto the drum truck.

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Morse 4-Wheel Drum Trucks

Last Updated: 03/13/19

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