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MORSPEED 1000 Forklift Drum Handler

MORSPEED 1000 Forklift Drum Handler lifting fiber drum
MORSPEEDTM Jaws grip a fiber drum rim

MORSPEED jaws gripping steel drum
MORSPEEDTM Jaws grip a steel drum rim

MORSPEED jaws gripping steel drum
TM Jaws grip a plastic drum rim

MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift Attachment to Lift and Move a Drum

MORSpeed forklift drum movers TM
Forklift Attachment with 1000 Lb. (454 kg) Capacity

Move MORE drums with MORSPEEDTM

MORSPEED 1000TM forklift drum grabbers / movers are a safety conscious way to handle your drums.

  • Lift, move and place a rimmed drum right from your forklift
  • Mounts on forks in seconds without tools
  • Safety chain secures unit to carriage of lift truck
  • Raise forks to grip drum
  • Steel jaws grip upper rim of drum
  • Requires drum of at least 50 Lb. (23 kg)
  • MORSPEED 1000TM head adjusts for handling a drum down to 15" (38 cm) tall

The MORSPEED 1000TM forklift attachment allows you to grab, lift, move and place a drum in minimum time without leaving your fork truck. Raise and lower the forks to grab and release the drum.

The steel jaws are contoured to securely grasp the drum's upper rim. They are completely mechanical and automatic. They grip on the way up by engaging the lower jaw under the drum rim, and continuing to lift. They release when weight is taken off the jaws by setting the drum on the floor, pallet, etc. The forklift operator just raises and lowers the forks, and drives forward and back as necessary.

MORSPEED 1000TM drum handlers work with straight walled drums or even deformed ribs, since they do not depend on the drum ribs or friction. They do not require any modification to your truck.

MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift attachments handle virtually any rimmed drum

  • Steel drum with closed head, or removable top on and secure
  • Rimmed plastic drum with non-removable top, or removable top on and secure
  • Fiber drum with top on and metal clamp ring closure secured
  • Will work with any diameter drum
  • Requires 15" (38 cm) minimum drum height
  • Requires drum weight of at least 50 Lb. (23 kg) to actuate jaws and begin the gripping action
  • Works with or without pallets

Dimensions of MORSpeed Forklift Drum Handlers
Requires 16.5" (41.9 cm) between forks, as fork pocket openings are 16.5" apart.

Each fork pocket opening is 2.5" high by 6.5" wide (16.5 x 6.35 cm).

Fork pockets are 26-5/8" deep (67.6 cm)


MORSPEED 1000TM model # 286M-1
Forklift drum handler has Spark Resistant Parts

Contact parts of the head and jaws that grip drum, and backrest, are made of spark resistant monel. Spark resistant parts reduce the possibility of mechanical sparks. They are not a substitute for grounding and bonding to prevent static discharge.

Calculation of lost load capacity with forklift attachment

 MORSPEED 1000 TM Forklift Drum Handlers  -  Fork Mounted Drum Grabbers  
Model # Description Capacity Minimum Weight
Required to Activate Jaws
Ship Dimensions
Ship Weight
286-1 MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift Drum Handler 1000 Lb.
(454 kg)
50 Lb.
(23 kg)
L37" W33" H37"
(94 x 84 x 94 cm)
130 Lb.
(59 kg)
286M-1 MORSPEED 1000TM Forklift Drum Handler with spark resistant parts 1000 Lb.
(454 kg)
50 Lb.
(23 kg)
L37" W33" H37"
(94 x 84 x 94 cm)
130 Lb.
(59 kg)

Last Updated: 05/17/18


MORSPEED 1000TM forklift attachment to lift, move, palletize and stack a drum with your fork truck.
Drum grabber. Forklift drum mover for your rimmed drums.