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Morse 42 Series
Heavy-Duty Drum Lifters

Morse Model 42 - Heavy-Duty Drum Lifter
Model 42
Heavy-Duty Drum Lifter
  • Lift a Drum with Your Crane or Hoist

  • Two Lifting Modes
    • Lift upright or horizontal drum
    • Set drum down upright or on its side

  • Capacity: 2,000 Lb. (907 kg)

How to select the correct drum lifter

42  -  Heavy-Duty Drum Lifters

steel drum

Drum Lifter Video
Morse Below-Hook Drum Lifter Video

Morse Model 42 Drum Lift
Model 42
Drum Lift in
horizontal mode

Morse Model 42 Drum Lift
Model 42
Drum Lift in
off-vertical mode

Model 42 Drum Lift is a heavy duty drum lifter for use on your hoist hook or fork mounted hook. Forged hooks are shaped to engage the rims at opposite ends of  drum. Alloy chain, links and lifting rings are combined with heavy duty steel rod and welded eyes to provide a heavy duty assembly.

Model 42 Drum Lift has a pair of alloy steel lifting rings for two modes of lifting, as shown at left.

Drum Lifts are Made to Handle

  • Open top and tight head 55-gallon steel drums (210 liter steel drums)
  • Capacity: 2,000 Lb. (907 kg)

Domestic ship weight: 9 Lb. (4 kg)
Domestic ship dimensions: L31" W5" H4" (79 x 13 x 10 cm)

Drum Lift allows two lifting modes

1. Horizontal Mode

  • Use lifting ring connected to rod and chain at middle of assembly
  • Lift horizontal drum without changing its horizontal orientation

Morse Model 42 Drum Lifting Lift

Model 42
Drum Lift

55-Gallon (210 liter)
drum hoist

2. Off-Vertical Mode enables upending and downending drum

  • Use lifting ring on outer end of alloy chain
  • Lift horizontal drum and have it hang off-vertical
  • Lift vertical drum by placing rod end hook under bottom rim of drum.
    As upright drum leaves floor it tilts to off-vertical position.
  • Lower drum until its bottom corner meets floor, then guide drum to settle upright or allow it to tilt down to horizontal

Drum Lifts / 55-Gallon Drum Hoists

  • Model 42 alloy chain, links and lifting rings; steel rod; welded eyes
  • Model 42-G is the same style drum lifter with hot dip galvanized finish

Each Model 42 and Model 42-G Drum Lift is load tested at the factory at 200% of rated capacity as per American National Standard ASME B30.9 and a load test certificate is enclosed with each unit. . . See the video

Model # Description Capacity Domestic
Ship Weight
Ship Dimensions
42 Heavy-Duty Drum Lifter 2,000 Lb. (907 kg) 10 Lb. (4.5 kg) L26" W5" H4" (66 x 13 x 10 cm)
42-G Heavy-Duty Drum Lifter with Galvanized Finish 2,000 Lb. (907 kg) 9 Lb. (4.1  kg) L26" W5" H4" (66 x 13 x 10 cm)

Last Updated: 03/13/19

Morse 42 Series Heavy-Duty Drum Lifters for 2,000 Lb. (907 kg) drum. Lift upright or horizontal drum.

California Proposition 65 Information
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