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Images of Diameter Adaptors for a Smaller Drum

Diameter Adaptors allow you to use your Morse drum handler with various smaller drums. Select the correct diameter adaptor for each size drum.

Diameter Adaptors for a smaller drum  

Insert Diameter Adaptor
Inserting a Diameter Adaptor into the drum holder allows you to use the same Morse drum
handler for various size drums. Order the correct size Diameter Adaptor for each drum size.

Diameter Adaptor # 55/30-17.5 installed in drum holder
Diameter Adaptor model # 55/30-17.5 installed in drum holder

Diameter Adaptor to adapt from 22.5" to 19" diameter
Model 55/30-19 Diameter Adaptor to adapt standard drum holder designed
for a 22.5" drum, to handle a smaller drum from 18.5" to 19" in diameter

Diameter Adaptor for 16" diameter drum

Model 55/30-16 Diameter Adaptor for 15.5" to 16" diameter drum
has integrated hold-down brackets that adjust for drum up to 38" (96.5 cm) tall

Model 55/30-19GR Diameter Adaptor for 19" diameter steel drum
Model 55/30-19GR Diameter Adaptor is only for a 30-gallon steel drum with 19" diameter
between the ribs. It fits only a 3-piece drum holder or a drum holder with load binders.

Diameter Adaptors for 3 sizes of Rubbermaid Brute

Custom Diameter Adaptor for 44-Gallon Brute
Adaptor Model 55/30-44G shown is for a 44-gallon (166 liter) Rubbermaid Brute

These Diameter Adaptors are designed to securely hold a Rubbermaid Brute container. The integrated top brackets prevent an inverted Rubbermaid Brute from slipping out of the drum holder.

Choose the correct size adaptor for your container. Models are available for 3 different sizes of Rubbermaid Brute.

Adaptors for a 44-Gallon (166 liter) Rubbermaid Brute model # 2643

  • Model 55/30-44G - Steel painted blue
  • Model 55/30SS-44G - Type 304 stainless steel

Adaptors for a 32-Gallon (121 liter) Rubbermaid Brute model # 2632

  • Model 55/30-32G - Steel painted blue
  • Model 55/30SS-32G - Type 304 stainless steel

Adaptors for a 20-Gallon (75 liter) Rubbermaid Brute model # 2620

  • Model 55/30-17.5 - Steel painted blue
  • Model 55/30SS-17.5  - Type 304 stainless steel

product page

Morse Diameter Adaptors

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