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Insert the correct size drum adapter
to handle a smaller drum
with your Morse Drum Handler

insert drum adapter

Model 55/30-17.5 drum adapter for 17" to 17.5" diameter drum
being installed into the drum holder of a Hydra-Lift Drum Karrier

Diameter Adapter for 15.5" to 16" diameter drum.

Drum adapters quickly insert into and remove from your Morse drum handler. You can switch from handling a 55-gallon drum to a smaller drum with the same drum handler in seconds.

Model 55/30-16 (above) Drum Adapter for 15.5" to 16" diameter drum with integrated hold-down brackets for a drum up to 38" tall.

Handle a smaller diameter drum

Where to Measure Drum DiameterDiameter Adapters allow you to handle a smaller diameter drum with the same Morse drum handler

  • Simply insert the correct size Diameter Adapter for your drum
  • Quickly remove the Diameter Adapter to return to handling your 55-gallon drum
  • IMPORTANT: Measure your drum diameter half way down between the ribs (circumference divided by 3.14)
  • See model number chart for Diameter Adapter model numbers and specs


Which Morse drum handling models accept Drum Adapters?

Drum Diameter
Adapters Fit
Drum Palletizers
Models 82A, 82A-120, 82A-124, 82A-125, 82AM, and 82AM-124
Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers
Mobile Drum Karriers
Model 80i
Below-Hook Drum Lifters
Models 85i, 86, 185i, 185A, 185AM, 185A-HD,
and Power-Tilt
Kontrol Karriers
Forklift Drum Carriers
Models 285A, 285AM,
285A-HD, 285A-BP
Drum Adapters

Last updated: 03/13/2019

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