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Morse Model 160-SS 
4-Wheel Drum Truck in Stainless Steel

Transport, Palletize and Dispense Loaded Drum

  • Carry heavy drum easily & quickly
  • Simple to operate
  • Compact, quick, efficient
  • Dispense drum into smaller container
  • Clean stainless steel construction
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stainless steel drum truck

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This ergonomic stainless drum handler design includes considerations of the human factors... sanitary construction, safety and versatility. The framework is Type 304 Stainless Steel with electro-polished finish. Its easier to use than conventional two or four-wheel drum trucks. Plus its a multi-purpose stainless drum handler used to load and move heavy drums with ease, load and unload pallets, position drum for dispensing, stands by itself, and works in narrow aisles. The operator carries none of the weight as the truck supports the drum on four 8 diameter polyolefin wheels.

Safety features include the extra long, U-shape handle to give plenty of leverage and steering control. The handgrip design helps to keep the operator's knuckles safely inside frame to avoid hitting obstacles.

The Morse Model 160-SS is narrower than a 55-gallon drum, so it works in any aisle wide enough to admit the drum. It stands on end for space saving storage.

It handles various styles or rimmed drums, including 55 and 30-gallon steel, plastic or fiber and 85-gallon salvage drums.

Capacity: 1,000 Lb. (454kg).

Last Updated: 05/03/19