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News Release  -  Morse MORStak TM Drum Rackers

Modern Material Handling Equipment to Transport
and Rack a Heavy Drum

Morse MORStak TM Drum Rackers for material handling safely
Eliminate "bare-fork" drum handling and makeshift upending
Efficient drum storage and retrieval on multiple tier drum rack
Transfer drums from vertical to horizontal and back
Use existing drum-cradle-equipped standard pallet racks
Place drums side by side with virtually zero clearance
Maximum utilization of rack space for drum storage
Use Shelf as High as 102" (259 cm)
Handle drum where fork trucks cannot go
Available AC, DC or Air-Powered Hydraulic lifting equipment
Handle drum with or without faucet
Service a multi-tier, multi-drum fluid dispensing system

Quick, Cost-Cutting, Safety-Conscious Drum Storage and Retrieval

The new MORStak TM drum handler can lift an upright drum, tilt it to the horizontal position, lift it and place it into a drum rack. It just as easily retrieves the horizontal drum and tilts it back to upright. Densest racking is possible because drums are stored horizontally with little space between them.

MORStak TM replaces expensive lift trucks. It eliminates hazardous "bare fork" handling of horizontal drums, upends and down-ends drums, and moves in tighter spaces. Designed for use with typical 55-gallon (210 liter) steel or plastic drums with suitable rims. Recommended for drums as heavy as 800 pounds (363 kg)

Lift and tilt functions are powered. An easy to operate clamp secures drum during tilting. Clamp mechanism has interlock with powered tilt control. Available with a choice of Air or battery power. The MORStak TM drum holder includes clearance for a drum faucet. The 2-stage MORStak TM Drum Rackers provide lift range as high as 102" (259 cm) for a possible four tier drum rack. Single-stage MORStak TM Drum Rackers serve a rack as high as high as 58" (183 cm) including a possible three tier layout.

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MORStak Drum Racker - rack drums up to 8.5 feet high

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MORStak TM drum rackers

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Last Updated: 05/03/19