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Biodiesel Market "Fueled" by Increased Gas Prices...

HUGE Demand for Drum Heaters!!

You may need to heat drums before adding ingredients to your process. Whether to control viscosity, prevent freezing, or speed the flow of liquids, Morse drum heaters do the trick.

The Biodiesel market is "fueled" by price increases in gas, heating oil and propane.

More and more people are making biodiesel at home in small batches. A Morse drum heater was used in the development of a biodiesel reactor by University of Wisconsin engineering students. Biodiesel production from used vegetable oil involves removing water by heating to at least 120o C (248o F), and then cooling to below 60o C (140o F) for further processing. New oil should not contain water, and is heated to 55o C (131o F) for biodiesel production.

Morse drum heaters are ideal for heating batches in
5-gallon pails, or in 55 or 30 gallon drums.


  • More biodegradable than sugar

  • Less toxic than table salt

  • Cleaner-burning than petroleum diesel

  • Reduces the need for foreign oil

  • Boosts local economies and agriculture

But, Biodiesel can gel at winter temperatures causing plugged fuel filters.

Solutions include:

  • Additives to enhance cold flow properties

  • Heaters for fuel tanks, fuel filters or fuel lines

  • Storing vehicles in a building when not in use

Biodiesel blends are cleaner-burning in current diesel engines, usually without modifications. They provide similar horsepower, torque, and mileage to diesel. Biodiesel may be a candidate to replace fossil fuels as the world's primary transport energy source.

Due to a flash point approximately twice that of diesel fuel, biodiesel is safer to store and classified as a non-flammable liquid by OSHA. Therefore, a vehicle fueled by pure biodiesel is far safer in an accident than one powered by petroleum diesel or gasoline which is explosively combustible.

Unlike some alternative fuels, biodiesel can be distributed using today's infrastructure. Its use and production are increasing rapidly. Fuel stations are beginning to make biodiesel available to consumers, and a growing number of transport fleets use it as an additive in their fuel. It is sometimes easier to find biodiesel in rural areas than in cities.

Home Heating Oil

Here in the northeast, some heating oil companies are now selling a domestically produced soybean-based biodiesel blend. Biodiesel can be blended with home heating oil, usually without requiring any retrofits.

Biodiesel can be produced with

  • Rapeseed and soybean oils

  • Waste vegetable oil

  • Animal fats including tallow, lard

  • Byproduct from the production of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil

Waste vegetable oil is sometimes promoted as the best source of oil to produce biodiesel. However, the supply is inadequate to make significant impact on worldwide consumption of petroleum-based fuels. At present, it remains more profitable to utilize waste vegetable oil to produce soap and other products. The supply of animal fats are also limited. If animal fats that would otherwise be wasted are used for biodiesel production, it could displace some use of petroleum diesel.

Research is now focused on improving oil yields from traditional crops, and finding or developing new high-production crops. Soybeans are currently the primary crop used in biodiesel generation in the United States. However, more efficient plant sources are needed to capture major market share for biodiesel.

Drum Heaters for plastic, fiber or steel drums

We have drum heaters for almost any steel, plastic or fiber drum... even for a 30-gallon drum, or your 5-gallon pail.


Biodiesel Resources

US Dept. of Energy


Drum Heaters

Drum heaters for
almost any steel,
plastic or fiber
drum ...even for
5-gallon pails.

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Drum Heater for
55-gallon steel drum

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Drum Heater for
55-gallon plastic
or fiber drum

Heater for
5-gallon pail

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