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Operator's Manual and Parts Diagrams
for Morse model 2-305-575

5-Gallon Can Tumbler

Single Can Tumblers - Pail and Can Mixers. 5-Gallon pail agitators.
Serial # Range Operator's Manual Parts Diagrams Motor
Wiring Diagram
Spare Parts Kit
Guard Enclosure Kit
(Sold Separately)
Overview Frame
289777 to ______ OM305 PL305 PL305F-P PL855CPT-P 228-575-P RP305-02 GEK-2-305-575
273783 to 289776 > > PL305     228-575-P RP305-02 GEK-2-305-575
174638 to 273782 > > PL305     228-575-P RP305-02 GEK-2-305-575
Option # Description Dimensions Parts Diagram
XLC-2-305 Option to Tumble Larger Cans - -  PLXLC-2-305
GEK-XLC-2-305-3 Larger Enclosure Kit with Safety Interlock GEK-XLC-2-305_DIM - -

Last Updated: 05/28/19