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Parts Diagram and Operator's Manual for
Morse Model 285XBP

Custom 2,500 Lb. capacity Forklift-Karrier with battery power tilt
Explantion of serial numbers

Super-Duty Forklift-Karrier with Battery Power Tilt

Battery Power Tilt Fork Truck Attachment
to lift and pour a 2500 Lb. (1134 kg) 55-gallon steel drum

Product details

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  Component Parts Diagrams
Serial # Range Operator's Manual
and Parts Diagram
Pump Power Pack Recommended
Spare Parts Kit
1017 to ____ PL285XBP(1017-____) 391-P 5522-P M3551-P(0108 to ____)  
0413 to 0917 PL285XBP(0413-____) 391-P 5522-P M3551-P(0108 to ____)  
0112 to 0313 PL285XBP(0112-____) 391-P 4418-P M3551-P(0108 to ____)  
Option  # Description  
4804i-P Option: Wireless Remote Tilt Control factory installed on model 285A-BP
4804-P Kit for field installation of Wireless Remote Tilt Control on model 285A-BP
Form #


Form PL388 How to Charge a Battery
MSDS_388-P MSDS for Battery - Morse part # 388-P

Forklift Carrier - Model 285A-BP Fork Lift-Karrier.

Battery Power-Tilt fork truck attachment to lift and pour 55-gallon steel drum.


Last Updated: 05/28/19