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Tilt-To-Load Drum Drum Tumblers
Drum Rotators

Parts Diagram and Operators Manual

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Model # Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers Drum RPM
(22.5" Dia.)
Control Package
Option #
Guard Enclosure Kit
Option #
310-1 1-phase 115/230V 60Hz 5 to 20 RPM CP-310-1-115 GEK-310-1
310-1-50 1-phase 220V 50Hz 4 to 16 RPM CP-310-1-220-50 GEK-310-1
310-3 3-phase 230/460V 60Hz 5 to 20 RPM CP-310-3-230 GEK-310-3
310-3-50 3-phase 230/460V 50Hz 4 to 16 RPM CP-310-3-230-50 GEK-310-3
310-3-575 3-phase 575V 60Hz 5 to 20 RPM CP-310-3-575 GEK-310-3
310-E1 Explosion-proof 1-phase 115/230V 60Hz 5 to 20 RPM CP-310-E1-115 GEK-310-E1
310-E1-50 Explosion-proof 1-phase 110/220V 50Hz 4 to 16 RPM CP-310-E1-220-50 GEK-310-E1
310-E3 Explosion-proof 3-phase 208/230/460V 60Hz 5 to 20 RPM CP-310-E3-230 GEK-310-E3
310-E3-50 Explosion-proof 3-phase 230/400V 50Hz 4 to 16 RPM CP-310-E3-230-50 GEK-310-E3
310-A Air Motor 5 to 20 RPM
(Vary with air flow
and pressure)
Air Controls are included
with model 310-A
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Option #
Series Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers
310-1-115 1-Phase 115V 60Hz GEK-310-1
310-1-230 1-Phase 230V 60Hz GEK-310-1
310-3-230 3-Phase 230V 60Hz GEK-310-3
310-3-460 3-Phase 460V 60Hz GEK-310-3
310-E1-115 Explosion-Proof 1-Phase 115V 60Hz GEK-310-E1
310-E1-230 Explosion-Proof 1-Phase 230V 60Hz GEK-310-E1
310-E3-230 Explosion-Proof 3-Phase 230V 60Hz GEK-310-E3
310-E3-460 Explosion-Proof 3-Phase 460V 60Hz GEK-310-E3
310-1-220-50 1-Phase 220V 50Hz GEK-310-1
310-3-220-50 3-Phase 220V 50Hz GEK-310-3
310-3-380-50 3-Phase 380V 50Hz GEK-310-3
310-3-440-50 3-Phase 440V 50Hz GEK-310-3
310-E1-220-50 Explosion-Proof 1-Phase 220V 50Hz GEK-310-3
310-E3-220-50 Explosion-Proof 3-Phase 220V 50Hz GEK-310-E1
310-E3-380-50 Explosion-Proof 3-Phase 380V 50Hz GEK-310-E3
310-E3-440-50Explosion-Proof 3-Phase 440V 50Hz GEK-310-E3

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Morse Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers / Drum Rotators - Parts Diagram and Operators Manual