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Vertical-Lift Drum Stacker Model 512
Model 512

Parts Diagrams and Operator's Manuals
Morse Vertical-Lift Drum Stackers

Vertical-Lift MORSPEEDTM Drum Stackers
to lift, move and stack a heavy drum.

Vertical-Lift Drum Stacker Model 522
Model 522
MORSPEEDTM Drum Stacker Models
  AC Power Lift AIR Power Lift 12V DC Power Lift Hand Pump Manual Lift
2-Stage Drum Stackers
Lift to 101" (257 cm) High
522-120 522-124 522-125 522
1-Stage Drum Stackers
Lift Drum to 45" (114 cm) High
512-120 512-124 512-125 512

Last Updated: 06/05/18

Vertical-Lift Drum Stackers. Ergonomic drum lifter on wheels for safety conscious drum stacking.