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Stainless steel drum pourer
Stainless Steel
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers
Model 510SS-114 shown.

Custom Drum Pourers

Custom Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer with counter weight to pour beyond shorter legs
Custom model # 510S-XR-114
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer

with counterweight to pour beyond shorter legs

Two-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer - Model 520-115
Two-stage drum handlers
dispense at up to 106" (269 cm) high. Model 520-115 shown.
Single-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer - Model 510-110
Single-stage drum handlers
dispense at up to 60" (152 cm) high. Model 510-110 shown.
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer with fully drum inverted
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer shown with fully inverted drum

Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers

Drum lifters on wheels designed to
lift and pour a drum at up to 106" high (269 cm high)

"More than just a drum dumper. . .
. . .controlled drum dispensing

Also See: Scale-Equipped Drum Pourers

Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers make it simple to raise and pour a heavy drum. You control the drum pouring angle and height while you dispense. The compact base and quality components of this Vertical-Lift drum handler make it easy to maneuver. Pour your drum with a drum faucet or drum cone in place.

Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers provide controlled drum pouring - Turn drum 360o in either direction

  • Two-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers allow you to pour a drum up to 106" (269 cm) high

  • Single-Stage Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers allow you to pour a drum up to 60" (152 cm) high

It's a CINCH to handle almost any drum, with the
MORcinch Drum Handling System

Drum Handling System

  • Drum holder automatically cinches for 22" to 23.5" (56 to 59.7 cm) diameter drum
  • Accepts MORCINCHTM Options to handle your plastic drum
  • Accepts Diameter Adaptors for your smaller drums
  • Includes safety covered gears for your protection
  • Has durable stress-relief weld joints for years of service
  • Cinch chain has flexible chain cover to help protect drum sidewall
  • Polyester Web Strap and Ratchet Option

Vertical-Lift drum handlers are available with

Power Lift and Power Drum Tilt for ergonomic drum pouring

  • AC motor powered hydraulic lift & tilt
  • AIR motor powered hydraulic lift and tilt (Air Motor Technical Information)
  • 12V DC powered hydraulic lift and tilt includes 12V deep cycle battery & charger

Power Lift with Manual Drum Tilt

  • AC motor powered hydraulic lift
  • AIR motor powered hydraulic lift (Air Motor Technical Information)
  • 12V DC powered hydraulic lift includes 12V deep cycle battery & charger

Manual Lift and Manual Drum Tilt

  • Hand pump for lift
  • Hand crank or pull chain for drum tilt
Note about Battery Options for Export 12V Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery is designed for domestic shipment only. For export shipment, choose one of the following battery options:

  • Option "NB" - No Battery. Customer must obtain battery before use... Exide # 27MDP 12V Deep Cycle Battery or equivalent.

  • Option "DB" - Dry Battery. Customer must fill with 6 quarts of battery acid before use.
Morse Green Battery Option # GB Green Battery
  • Environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery - No harmful gas or acid leaks and spills
  • Lighter than conventional lead-acid starting battery
  • Up to 2000 cycles, providing up to 8 times longer cycle life than lead-acid battery
  • No maintenance - Store up to 1 year without recharge
  • Typical design life of 5 years

Environmentally friendly battery contains no poisonous lead, no acid, and does not create gasses during charge, which regular lead-acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, green battery is super light, has much lower self-discharge, and does not sulfate.

Rechargeable 12.8V 100Ah Battery requires no change to lead acid battery charging system.

Manual Tilt Control Options to pour drum ( factory installed on new drum handlers )    

MORStop Tilt-Brake prevents back drive from an unbalanced drum
MORStop Tilt-Brake Option
provides greater safety
 on Morse drum dumpers

  • Option # 3900i-P -  MORStop Tilt-Brake
  • Option # X02 - Hand crank and Gear Covers
  • Option # X03 - Hand wheel and Gear Covers
Vertical-Lift Drum Pourer Model Numbers AC Motor
Lift & Tilt
Air Motor
Lift & Tilt
12V DC 
Lift & Tilt
AC Motor 
Power Lift 
Manual Tilt
Air Motor 
Power Lift  
Manual Tilt
12V DC 
Power Lift 
Manual Tilt
Manual Lift 
& Manual Tilt
Standard Models
(carbon steel painted blue)
60" Lift
510-110 510-114 510-115 510-120 510-124 510-125 510
106" Lift
520-110 520-114 520-115 520-120 520-124 520-125 520
Models with
Spark Resistant Parts
60" Lift
- 510M-114 - - 510M-124 - 510M
106" Lift
- 520M-114 - - 520M-124 - 520M
Type 304
Stainless Steel Models
60" Lift
510SS-110 510SS-114 510SS-115 510SS-120 510SS-124 510SS-125 510SS
106" Lift
520SS-110 520SS-114 520SS-115 520SS-120 520SS-124 520SS-125 520SS
Note - Drum Handlers with Spark Resistant PartsNote: "M" in model number indicates a drum handler with Spark resistant parts
* Half-Full Drum Capacity Rating
Half-full rating is an indication of capacity for tilting an unbalanced, bottom-heavy drum. Partially full drum with unbalanced and shifting load is harder to tilt than a full drum.

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Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers. Drum lifter on wheels designed to weigh drum while pouring at up to 106" high. More than just a drum dumper. . . they provide controlled drum dispensing.