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Drum Handlers with Spark Resistant Parts

drum handling equipment with spark resistant parts

Morse drum handlers can be made with spark resistant parts. These spark resistant drum handlers are made using steel components for most of the structure, but spark resistant material for certain parts.

"Spark resistant parts" are intended to reduce the possibility of mechanical sparks as a possible source of ignition. They are not a substitute for grounding and bonding for preventing static electricity discharges.

Metals such as Monel are used in the drum holder bands and at the lifting eyes. Stainless steel chain is used instead of carbon alloy steel chain across the front of the drum. Some models which include pull chains for the tilt-control drive have brass chain substituted for the steel chain.

Spark Resistant Drum Handlers
  • Monel is an alloy consisting mostly of nickel and copper
    • It is considered non-ferrous (very little iron) and therefore is considered spark resistant
    • Nozzles on gasoline pumps are made of Monel
  • Brass is non-ferrous
  • Stainless steel, though not non-ferrous, has a lower iron content and is considered less prone to sparking than steel alloy chain

The drum handler may or may not include electrical devices. The use of "spark resistant parts" is not related to the need for electrical devices to be in compliance with electrical codes.

Morse drum handlers with "spark resistant parts" have not been submitted for "approval" by any agency. They should not be called "explosion proof" or "non-sparking" drum handlers.

Examples of standard Morse models available with spark resistant parts include:

  1. Drum Truck with Spark Resistant Parts - Model # 160M
  2. Scale-Equipped Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers
  3. Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers
  4. Hydra-Lift Karriers
  5. Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karriers
  6. Mobile Drum Karriers
  7. Forklift-Karriers
  8. MORSPEEDTM Forklift Attachments
  9. Kontrol-Karriers
  10. MORStak Drum Rackers
  11. Omni-Lift Drum Rackers
  12. 4-Wheel Drum Truck
  13. 82H Drum Palletizers
  14. 82A Drum Palletizer that Pour
  15. Drum Dollies
  16. MORCINCHTM Options
  17. Drum Wrenches



Last Updated: 04/17/20

Drum Handlers with Spark Resistant Parts. Morse drum handlers can be made with spark resistant parts.