Some items have Special Edition Morse 100th Anniversary *GOLD* Finish.

Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumbler. 1-Phase 115/208/230V 60Hz Motor. REQUIRES Controls to Start/Stop. OSHA REQUIRES Enclosure with Interlock.


Specific to model 310-1...
  • Model 310-1 is for single-phase 115/208/230V 60Hz power supply
  • Adjust drum rotation from 5 to 20 RPM
  • REQUIRES Electric Control Box to Start / Stop Rotator
  • Electric Control Package sold separately
    • Model CP-310-1-115 for single-phase 115V 60Hz power supply
    • Model CP-310-1-230 for single-phase 208V or 230V 60Hz power supply
  • Guard Enclosure with Interlock sold separately as Kit GEK-310-1
All 310 Series Tilt-To-Load Drum Tumblers...
  • IMPORTANT: OSHA, CSA and EU require Enclosure with Safety Interlock
  • Vigorous "Corner-Over-Corner" Drum Mixing
  • Easy Floor-Level Loading of Upright Drum. Then Tilt Drum Holder Up for Mixing.
  • Load upright drum...
    • with drum truck
    • with below-hook drum lifter and your hoist
  • Mixing inside a closed drum reduces hazards and worker exposure
  • Incorporate sediment and homogenize valuable ingredients
  • Avoid messy cleanup of insertion mixers
  • Mix contents of steel, plastic or fiber drum
    • 29" to 37" (74 to 94 cm) tall
    • 18" to 23.5" (46 to 60 cm) in diameter
    • Typical 30 to 55 gallon (114 to 210 liter) size drum


Drum RPM5 to 20 RPM

RPM is based on 22.5" (57.15 cm) diameter drum.

Full Capacity

800 Lb. (363.2 kg)

Half-full Capacity400 Lb. (181.6 kg)

Half-full capacity is an indication of the capacity for an unbalanced, bottom-heavy drum. A partially full drum with an unbalanced and shifting load is harder to tilt than a full drum.

Motor information

StyleTEFC (Totally enclosed fan cooled)
Explosion proof No
Voltage / Amp draw115v / 23.0
Voltage / Amp draw208v / 12.0
Voltage / Amp draw230v / 11.5

Shipping information

Ship length72" (182.88 cm)
Ship width42" (106.68 cm)
Ship height47" (119.38 cm)
Ship weight950 Lb. (431.3 kg)
Ship class150
sticky note 4-digit serial numbers are simply the month & year of manufacture.
Example: 1120 is November 2020

3212X-P thumbnail image 3212X-P

Fully Enclosed Crate for export of 1 of 310 Series. Crate is heat treated and certified IPPC compliant.

5480X-P thumbnail image 5480X-P

Fully Enclosed Crate for export of 1 of 310 Series with Enclosure Kit (NOT set up). Crate is heat treated and certified IPPC compliant.

CP-310-1-115 thumbnail image CP-310-1-115

Control Package for model 310-1 for use on a single-phase 115V 60Hz power supply

CP-310-1-230 thumbnail image CP-310-1-230

Control Package for model 310-1 for use on a single-phase 230V 60Hz power supply

GEK-310-1 thumbnail image GEK-310-1

Guard Enclosure Kit and Safety Interlock for customer to install with Morse single-phase AC 310 Series Drum Tumbler.


2" Cylinder Seal Kit, 4572-P DF


OPTION: Factory Installed Oil Cooler on NEW AC Powered 310 Series drum tumbler


Top hold down bar for drum holder 5801-p used on 309, 310 and 311 series drum tumblers.

6637I-P thumbnail image 6637I-P

Factory Installed Cinch Chain OPTION


OPTION: Complete Factory Acceptance Test form FFAT-310, and ship in literature packet with NEW 310 Series Drum Tumbler.

California Proposition 65 Information

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including barium sulfate, cobalt, titanium dioxide, and 2-methylimidazole, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and bisphenol-A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov