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Images of Morse Drum Cones to Dispense Dry Materials from Your Drum

Drum Cones  
Asymmetric Drum Cone with Iris Vale and Extension Tube
Asymmetric Drum Cone - Model 5-VF-90-23
Clamp Collar to secure cone to drum - Model 7-23
Iris Vale to control material flow - Kit IV
5" (12.7 cm) Extension Tube - Kit XT Also available: 5" Stainless Steel Extension Tube as model XT-SS (not shown).

Note: Extension Tubes ONLY fit onto a valve flange or an Iris Valve. They are NOT for use with a Slide Gate.

Drum Cone to control dispensing dry materials
Drum Cone (model # 5-VF-45-23) with Iris Valve (kit # IV) and
Clamp Collar (model # 7-23) to secure Drum Cone to your drum.
Drum Cone
Iris Valve (kit # IV) shown installed on a Drum Cone
Stainless Steel Drum Cone
Stainless Steel Drum Cone (model # 5SS-VF-45-23) with stainless steel slide gate (kit # SG-SS) installed
and Stainless Steel Clamp Collar (model # 7SS-23) to secure Drum Cone to your drum.

Stainlesss Steel Drum Cone and Clamp Collar
Stainless Steel Drum Cone (model # 5SS-VF-45-15.5) for 15-7/8" (40.3 cm) diameter drum,
shown with Stainless Steel Clamp Collar (model 7SS-15.5) to secure the cone to the drum.

Asymmetric Drum Cones

Morse Asymmetric Drum Cones are available with a valve flange, or just a 6" diameter opening. Attach one of the following to the valve flange to control pouring rate: Iris Valve (kit # IV), Slide Gate (kit # SG), or a Stainless Steel Slide Gate (kit # SG-SS).
Order either a carbon steel drum cone painted blue, or a drum cone made of type 304 stainless steel.

Custom asymmetric drum cone
Asymmetric drum cone with valve flange (model # 5-VF-90-23) shown with Iris Valve (kit # IV). Secured on
drum with Clamp Collar (model # 7-23), and being used with model 185A-HD Below-Hook Kontrol-Karrier.

Drum Cone with Clamp Collar and Slide Gate
Drum Cone (model # 5-VF-45-23) shown with Clamp Collar (model # 7-23) and Slide Gate (kit # SG)

Model # 5-SG-90-23 Asymmetric Drum Cone with slide gate valve
Asymmetric Drum Cone (model # 5-VF-90-23) with Slide Gate (kit # SG) installed.

Custom asymmetric stainless steel drum cone
Asymmetric Stainless Steel Drum Cone (model # 5SS-VF-90-23) shown with aluminum bodied
Iris Valve (kit # IV) installed. Secured to drum with Stainless Steel Clamp Collar (model # 7SS-23).

Stainless Steel Asymmetric Drum Cone
Stainless Steel Asymmetric Drum Cone with valve flange to attached valve of your choice.
Shown secured to drum with existing clamp ring

Stainless Steel Drum Cone with aluminum bodied Iris Valve

Stainless Steel Drum Cone (model # 5SS-VF-60-23) is a 60 degree cone in size # 23 to fit 23-3/8" (59.4 cm)
drum rim O.D. with drum lid removed. It is shown here with aluminum bodied Iris Valve (kit # IV) installed.

Clamp Collar close-up
Tighten the Clamp Collar around the top rim of drum with the Drum Cone in place. On the inside of the Clamp Collar there are sections of steel rod to retain the Drum Cone, and sections of angle iron to engage under the drum top rim. Tighten the Clamp Collar by turning the knob on the end of the threaded rod.


product page


Drum Cones to control dispensing of dry material from your drum.

Last Updated: 03/13/19

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