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55-Gallon Drum Accessories

Accessories for 55-Gallon Drums and
Options for Morse drum handling equipment

Drum Handling Accessories and Options
Clamp+Go Dolly Handle Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle
The Clamp+Go TM Dolly Handle is a safer and easier way to move many different drum dollies. Quickly move from one drum dolly to another.
Drum Faucet Drum Faucets
to control liquid flow from your drum.
MORCINCH Drum Holder Logo MORCINCH TM Options
MORCINCH TM Options allow you to handle various types of drums with the same Morse drum handler.
 Drum Pumps Drum Wrenches
fit virtually all drum plugs on steel, fiber or plastic drums.
Drum Diameter Adaptors Diameter Adaptors
Many Morse drum handlers accept Diameter Adaptors to handle a smaller drum. Choose the correct size Diameter Adapter and accessories for each drum.
 Drum Pumps Drum Pumps
Drum hand pumps allow you to dispense from your upright drum.
MORStop Tilt-Brake MORStop Tilt-Brake TM
The unique MORStop Tilt-Brake TM automatically stops and holds the drum tilt angle! The simple, compact anti-backdrive device functions in both directions.
Drum Heaters Drum Heaters
Heat drum contents with a flexible drum band heater designed for your drum.
drum cones Drum Cones
Replace your drum lid with a Drum Cone to control dispensing of dry materials. Morse Drum Cones are available in carbon steel or type 304 stainless steel.
Fork Hook model 284 Fork Hook
to attach drum lifter

Slide the Fork Hook onto a fork, then you can suspend a drum lifter from the Fork Hook.
Counterweights to keep below-hook drum handler level Counterweights
to keep below-hook drum handler level

Drum handling accessories for 55-gallon drums. Options for Morse drum handling equipment.

Last Updated: 06/18/19